Lucky me! While I was out of town Tuesday night we had the mother of all storms. It didn’t whack me through the power cords, but rather through a hub. My 8 port hub was fried and every network item attached to it was trashed. This includes the network card on my old server, the network connection on the old MPro, a 5 port hub, and (Damn it!) the network connection on the xbox 360. So, I have been recovering the last couple days.

But, on the bright side Brendan released uniaud rc3. This comes after a lot of work and testing by Allan, Andy, Steven and others. My build system for uniaud16 was committed using all Open Watcom tools. But all the credit goes to Brendan who picked up this project.

Last, Open Watcom 1.7 has been released! In a world of gcc, Open Watcom is a breath of fresh air…

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