I started in 1985 on a used Commodore 64 which I bought from a friend. I was in complete awe of the game Flight Simulator. Next I upgraded to a Commodore 128 with all the extras.

In 1991 I upgraded from the C128 to an Amiga 500.  After a lighting storm fried the Ami 500, I purchased an Amiga 2000 in 1993. I soon installed a Bridgeboard running Dos and Win 3.1.

The Amiga was basically dead in 1996 and I was not happy with MS Windows, so I gave Warp 3.0 Red Spine a try. This was a failure due to driver problems, well not really a problem. I was using a whacked out sound card with CD drive. I did finally get Warp running and never looked back. I have worked though the typical OS/2 path: Warp 4, MCP1, and MCP2. I switched to eComstation when version 1.2 was released and have used 1.2MR through 2.0 RC4.

I do use all Windows versions and my Linux distro of choice is Gentoo.

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