Gnome 3.36 and Workspaces to Dock Overview Issues

17 July update – the r2 version is in portage, but still requires this fix.

Simply, the overview functionality of Workspaces to Dock is broke with gnome-shell 3.36.4, it just does not work.  It seems that this time it is a gnome-shell issue which can be corrected by:  workspacesView: Revert commits of !1119.

Execute ebuild gnome-shell-3.36.4-r1.ebuild configure

The r1 version is current as of today, the next version may fix this issue.  Insert the changes into workspacesView.js. Then the followup commands that I do individually:

ebuild gnome-shell-3.36.4-r1.ebuild compile

ebuild gnome-shell-3.36.4-r1.ebuild install

ebuild gnome-shell-3.36.4-r1.ebuild qmerge

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