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Race into Space – Retro game!

I was reading today and had one of those remember that game moments, so I hit Google for a search of Race Into Space.  I played this one for hours!  I had the CD version, so that would make my experienced dated to mid-1990s.  Of course I could have found the game online, installed it in a DOS VM, and played, but I am too lazy.  However, I found that it had been open sourced and was available on Linux.  The freeware version website is here. and the Github page is here.  I might be too lazy to install it in a VM, but not so lazy that I would not compile it and give it a try.

It was pretty straightforward, just follow the instructions on the Github page (not Sourceforge – to stay away from that controversy):

$ git clone git://github.com/raceintospace/raceintospace.git
$ mkdir raceintospace-build; cd raceintospace-build
$ cmake ../raceintospace
$ make

Of course that does not include the final make install.  After that, a simple raceintospace in a terminal and I was off to waste some time just like it was 1995.  The manual is located here.

The opening screen:


The start screen to select options:


Another screenshot: