Big gap…

On top of being busy with work, home remodeling, and classes I finally got my pages moved to new hosting. The previous hosting service, Namesecure, might be a poster child for piss-poor support if they add anything that could pass for support. It took over a week to get a reply from them. Good riddance!

I did play on occasion with the rexxutil.dll and managed to screw-up sysstemsort which I need to fix. I also worked some on uniaud32 build system.

Gregg Young sent me his FTE source with changes which I want to look at soon. I do have a version I patched in UClip for fun.

First on the agenda is to finish my eCS RC4 install on the ZPro. I finally got tired of the ridiculous large file size crap that pops up on some installs. I firmly believe it is caused by the toolkit install.

During the install, again I was plagued by an ACPI version that would not work, but getting the debug info to Pasha fixed the problem. Version 3.07 should contain the fix. I still can’t get APIC but that is no big deal.

On the whole this is interesting, Sun buying Innotek. Wonder if they will have to box up Bird and send hime to Sun?

Should IBM’s SOM/DSOM Be Open Sourced? This seems to be a better option than IBM releasing OS/2 code which will never happen. It must have hit a nerve, it caught the fakesteve’s eye The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs.

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