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Open Office for eCS-OS/2 2.4 Beta1 is available (news post) and I installed it on my old SMP PIII box. Seems to work well! I guess the big milestone was just getting it going in the previous version.

Also, Pasha has his updated os2ldr on hobbes (here). No chance to try it yet, but I wish it was open source. Guess that is up to ecomstation.ru.

I am in the process of rebuilding my sandbox system and I reached the point where I setup the gcc environment. The easiest way to do this, especially since I rarely use gcc, is to use Paul Smedley’s build environment, currently buildenv_20071022.zip and a size of 234,635,207 bytes.

I know Paul has it on his U: drive and that the setup could be changed to use another drive, but I don’t want to invest the time. So, I created a U: drive during the system setup.

First thing to do was to unzip the file. A quick dir /s gave me the unarchived space required:

686,439,038 bytes in 26,738 files and 8,057 dirs

So, plan ahead because the zip file contains gcc, qt, perl, and all kinds of other libraries and executables.

First thing was to cd into extraslib and run makeomflibs, as instructed on Paul’s site. I got this at the end but I believe it is expected:

warning: one or more operations failed, check the above output. :-).

Also, if you look in gcc335.cmd there are a bunch of e:python25 statements, but python is not in the zip archive. I just grabbed Paul’s Python v2.5.1 for OS/2 & eComStation. I just did:

unzip python-2.5.1-os2-20071223.zip

and changed the references in gcc335.cmd from e: to u:.

With that done I gave it an easy test, compiling nasm-2.02. I first ran sh ./configure
and after it finished make. The problem I ran into is that Paul’s gcc335.cmd defines tmp to u:tmp which did not exist:

‘set tmp=u:/tmp’

I thought it was a good idea to keep the tmp drive on u: for my gcc stuff so a quick md tmp and I was off to run make again. The result was an complete nasm.exe build so I was happy.

Things to note: Paul has a newer version of perl on his site and I think qt has been updated, but I have yet to download them. There may even be an updated gcc package on netlabs by now.

Anyway, that’s it – short and sweet. Thanks to both Knut and Paul.

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