OS/2 GIT? Is GIT better than Subversion

Hey! I am no expert, but now I go to get some source and I find that the version control is GIT. What the hell is GIT? Here’s a couple links that I read to try and understand this stuff:


Here’s my take on it. I wanted to get the current NASM source to compile on OS/2-eCS and found out it uses a GIT repository. Ok, great there is no GIT port for me to use. What is the purpose of using a versioning system that not everyone has for a cross-platform project? MS-Linux.

Might as well just make this a rant post. I think the fact Pasha has provided a ACPI solution for OS/2-eCS even though it is not open source. However, I am sick and tired of providing feedback to get something fixed, have it work in the next version, and then a version after it find it doesn’t work again. What’s worse is it looks like regression.

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