I had a little spare time and, lucky me; I get an email about patches to PMVNC. Eugene ported this years ago and all I did was add a couple fixes – I hate the POS. But Dmitry sent the patches, so I’ll pull it up and see what is what. Hell, maybe I should put the fixes in that GG has been pissing about for a year…

> 1. After an upgrade to the SMP computer I have many problems with the image of the remote desktop. As I understand, this is thread related problem. Two PMVNC thread try to access to the hpsBitmap simultaneously. I have serialized access via mutex in rect32.c, rect4.c and rect8.c modules. Now all works well.

I never saw this on my SMP systems but sounds good.

> 2. During testing, if I have used “Tiny Color” and “Gray Scale” modes, I have received SYS3175 crash in PMMERGE.DLL. I have replaced in rect4.c:
pbmiBitmap = malloc(16 + sizeof(RGB2) * 16) ;
pbmiBitmap = malloc(16 + sizeof(RGB2) * 256) ;
And now this works well also.

Never did this either… again sounds good.

> 3. Missed comma after ID_PMVNC in IDD_ABOUT resource template.

Hmmm…. Ok. I guess I should fix and try to use wrc rather than rc just to find if it works.

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