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I had a little spare time and, lucky me; I get an email about patches to PMVNC. Eugene ported this years ago and all I did was add a couple fixes – I hate the POS. But Dmitry sent the patches, so I’ll pull it up and see what is what. Hell, maybe I should put the fixes in that GG has been pissing about for a year…

> 1. After an upgrade to the SMP computer I have many problems with the image of the remote desktop. As I understand, this is thread related problem. Two PMVNC thread try to access to the hpsBitmap simultaneously. I have serialized access via mutex in rect32.c, rect4.c and rect8.c modules. Now all works well.

I never saw this on my SMP systems but sounds good.

> 2. During testing, if I have used “Tiny Color” and “Gray Scale” modes, I have received SYS3175 crash in PMMERGE.DLL. I have replaced in rect4.c:
pbmiBitmap = malloc(16 + sizeof(RGB2) * 16) ;
pbmiBitmap = malloc(16 + sizeof(RGB2) * 256) ;
And now this works well also.

Never did this either… again sounds good.

> 3. Missed comma after ID_PMVNC in IDD_ABOUT resource template.

Hmmm…. Ok. I guess I should fix and try to use wrc rather than rc just to find if it works.

Multiboot PC for FreeDOS, Linux and eComStation

We at ERACC installed FreeDOS and eComStation for the end-user. We offered to install the Linux as well but the end-user wanted to install the openSuSE 10.3 Linux himself. There is space set aside on the 147GB SCSI hard drive for him to install a /boot near the start of the drive and the rest of openSuSE 10.3 after the eComStation partitions.

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Quick Perl install and setup

Finally had the need to use Perl standalone so I setup Paul Smedley’s GCC port. Then I set up a script to just initialize the perl stuff:

I unzip’d the archive to my D drive and I have sh.exe (ash.exe renamed to sh.exe) in d:moztools.

—– perlenv.cmd —–
set PATH=%PATH%;d:perlbin;
set BEGINLIBPATH=d:perlbin
set PERLIB_PREFIX=u:/perl/lib;d:/perl/lib
set PERL_SH_DIR=d:/moztools

Now to test it…..