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This is where my OS/2-ECS related stuff gets thrown. I use Open Watcom for all my projects. I also use the GCC compiler for some stuff, however, Paul Smedley has done some super OS/2 ports with Knut St. Osmundsen's GCC. Comments to mike at Feel free to register and add comments here. I would like to leave all pages open for comments, but the spammers strike. Registering with a fake email and name is fine. I also leave a couple IRC channels open, I might be around or might not (MikeG): #netlabs and #ecs channels. or #watcom

I toss anything I come across on the BLOG link above. I don't know about this socal networking stuff, but blogs make great scratch pads.

WatcomPage Some Open Watcom stuff.

FileList: Full list of my stuff and links to download files. SVN loction for all the source.

Essential eCS-OS/2 Programs

MiscLinks Links and IRC Channels - what would a webpage be without them?

JavaCheck A simple applet to check Java + browser

IconPacks Some converted iconpacks for use with OS/2-eCS Seamonkey

Device Drivers for Dummies (16 bit)
Old Alger Pike pages and archives.

DesktopCaptures Just some OS/2 and eCS screen captures and icons.

OtherPages Old pages for reference

This website uses WikkaWiki, a wiki system that allows easy editing and adding of webpages, including access control system. Also, I am damn lazy and this is real easy to keep updated.
June 2009
PMVNC Very few changes in the code. I have not been using this for a number of months so have not tested this version. Version 1.04 adds changes submitted by Dmitry Steklenev.

February 2009

July 2008
Current VirtualPC screen capture of my loader starting HERE.

June 2008

April-May 2008

March 2008

January 2008
I have been playing with the rexxutil.dll and have everything in except SysQuerySwitchList which needs to be finished.

December 2007
Modified sources to build an OS/2 or NT version of the Little CMS library and DLL.

October 2007
Spent a lot of time recovering from a lightening strike which did some home network damage. In the process I got a cheap ADS NAS which was a mistake. However, I finally purchased an HP Media Vault 2010 and am back on track.

July 2007
Been busy with work and playing with uniaud resync, but I finally started by update of a HelloWorld device driver.

May 2007

April 2007

March 2007

February 2007

January 2007

December 2006

November 2006

September 2006

July 2006:

June 2006:

I did not feel like feel like going back past June 2006, see FileList and OtherPages for older stuff.

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