I have joined the osFree Project at Sourceforge and will keep a mirror of my loader project there.

In the process of hooking in the freeLdr micro-FSD calls, I found a real pain in the ass with BootableJFS. Each call to open clears the screen and displays their copyright message. This messes up any messages anyone else wants to display…

The fix? Well in the newest BootableJFS (as of 2008) Pasha has a turn off. At the JFS uFSD segment and offset 0x1944 a check is made for the byte value 0x0F. If this is set to anything else the message is not displayed.

2 thoughts on “osFree…

  1. LeoPino

    As I understand the new os2ldr has nothing to do with osfree,,, right?

    osfree has it’s own design of a boot loader,,, right?

    Is there an effort to join those two projects?


  2. MikeG

    Has nothing to do right now, but I have joined the project and will mirror it in the osfree svn.

    This, if I can do it, will just be a open source loader for the current kernel.


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